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The Benefits of Using Pirelli Tyres

Posted on May 2, 2013 at 3:49 pm

Pirelli is a leading name in the field of tyre manufacturing. The company which has over a century of experience manufactures products that provide maximum security, comfort, and longevity. Pirelli tyres are manufactured for vehicles like passenger cars, light trucks, and so on. The company also manufactures tyres that are specially suited for race courses, and for industrial usage like agricultural purposes. The tyres guarantee you a comfortable driving experience. Read on to know about the many benefits that can be obtained by using Pirelli tyres.

Suited for low temperatures

Pirelli tyres manufacture special type of tyres that are suited for the winters. These winter tyres will make your drive, through snow-filled roads comfortable. There are many benefits of using Pirelli tyres, which are custom-made for winter seasons. These tyres contain a high amount of natural silica and rubber. So they won’t harden up like synthetic rubber in extremely low temperatures. They have excellent road hoarding features both on snow as well as on wet roads.

The studded treads on these tyres ensure excellent traction on roads. This tread pattern helps in dispersing a great amount of water. This reduces the risk of the vehicle aquaplaning. It is a condition in which vehicles seem to float on the surface of water. These tyres are also able to move at higher than average speeds, which is higher than that provided by vehicles with fitted chains.

An affordable option

Pirelli tyres are not very expensive and are quite affordable. They are also suitable to be used on all type of roads and in all weather conditions.

Excellent comfort

One of the obvious features, you can notice while using Pirelli tyres is the level of comfort that they provide. You will have a smooth ride without any bumps, while using these tyres. There also won’t be any noise produced by these tyres during the course of travel. These are some of the benefits of using Pirelli tyres for your vehicle.

Specially suited for race cars

Pirelli tyres have come out with products that are specially suited for race cars driven at high speeds. The dry weather tyres or the slick tyres are made with special compounds that can be used in all type of circuits, during the summer or dry weather seasons. If the conditions are wet, then race car drivers can make use of wet weather Pirelli tyres. These tyres have deep grooves in their treads that give them a greater grip and traction on the road, while driving at high speeds. This reduces the chance of accidents taking place on race courses.

Choose the best tyre

You can contact your vehicle manufacturer to know the type of Pirelli tyres that are perfect for your vehicle. You can also go through the official homepage of Pirelli Tyres to have a better understanding of the products offered by them. Doing a thorough study will help you find out, the best type of Pirelli tyres that suit your vehicle.

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