Autonomous Vehicles

Posted on May 29, 2014 at 2:07 pm

Autonomous vehicles goes by many different names, but what it refers to is a vehicle which requires no driver. Current technology allows them to work through the use of sensors, which, through the use of an in-car computer, allows them to create a detailed idea of the cars environment, so that it can react to changes in geography, the changes in the road conditions, weather conditions, and whatever unexpected situations, like a car breaking in front of them, or a child running into the street. Having a system which is able to react correctly to any changes in its environment is a necessary component for any autonomous vehicle.

After these vehicles have finished their development, which may be as soon as ten years from now, we may see whole fleets of truck or taxi drivers being replaced by machines. We will also see some positive changes, like the elimination of human error and car crashes. Any changes that will take place are sure to change slowly, due to the fact that this technology is set to costs many thousands of pounds beyond a standard vehicle.

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