How Can Logistics be More Environmentally Friendly?

Posted on May 16, 2018 at 9:15 pm

Historically, the field of logistics isn’t the most environmentally friendly one. It involves lots of transport, and often large, heavy lorries, that will increase the carbon footprint of the logistics organisation and pollute the planet. How can logistics be made greener?

  1. Use greener methods of transport. Some are now fully electric, or at least hybrid, making them a better choice for the environment.
  2. Reduce transportation between places where possible. Is there the potential to carry out some processes in different places? This will help give your organisation more flexibility.
  3. Reduce overseas transport where possible. This avoids the use of long distance travel between locations.
  4. Plan thoroughly. If a journey is well planned out, it will help you to be aware of each stage of the process. You can then think out the best ways to manage it.

Remember, reducing environmental impact also often means reducing your costs. It will be better for your business in many ways.

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